A Librarian’s Work is Never Done…


I rise from my bed, lavishly appointed with frills and chintz. I open my curtains and pause to enjoy the view, my wee city garden all pretty flowers and carefully trimmed hedges.

After my shower, I take time to get ready, which tweed skirt to wear, which button up sweater today, the pale pink or subtle sky blue and will it be the long or short string of pearls?

I wrestle my long dark tresses under control and twirl them up into a tidy, functional bun. Now the toughest choice: I open a warm coloured oak box on my dresser and peruse my glasses. I love collecting glasses, but I do tend towards horn rimmed of varying shades of tortoiseshell, not real of course, that would never do.

Living alone gives me plenty of freedom, and plenty of room for all my favourite books, cute cushion collection for my Chaise Lounge and my growing assortment of candles and nic nacks.

Choices made, I head to the kitchen. The most pressing job is to feed Mr Blinky, my wee tabby cat who demands his breakfast before I start on mine. My usual breakfast is porridge with a little brown sugar and trim milk, and of course, a china cup of green tea. I check out the newspaper headlines and read movie and restaurant reviews.

Suddenly I realise the time is racing by, so I grab my handbag and keys and jump in the car.

My wee Mini Cooper blasts along the motorway and I sing along to my favourite John Mayer CD. Soon I’m at the library, I park in my favourite park and I head inside to start the day.

First things fist, make another cup of green tea. I chat with my fellow colleagues and we get the library ready for a new day.

The doors open and I greet our borrowers, most of whom I know by name. I settle at the issues desk and chat with customers about their book choices while grabbing a moment or two to read my own book.

Off desk for a bit, I grab a coffee and some bonbons this time and settle myself in one of the big comfy armchairs in the library and get stuck into my Chaucher.  Of course, if customers ask for help, I’m more than happy to do so, but my reading is important, as there is an expectation that I have read all the books in our library. It does mean I have to look over the top of my little glasses in order to focus on them, but this seems to be something my male customers enjoy.

I do a little shelving, which involves climbing old ladders with a couple of books, while bending my knee and lifting one leg behind me in what some may say is a playful manner. 

Shelving done, I smooth down my pencil skirt and make sure the seams in my stockings are straight, I wander the magazine section and check out the fashion and celebrities. I am much more interested in philosophy and earnest writing on eastern erotica, but I do need to keep current with world and pop culture events.

Lunchtime already and I head to a local cafe for lunch with a couple of gal pals, where we go over the events of the weekend. Lets just say I’m not always the naughtiest in the group, but I try my hardest.

Back at work after a leisurely lunch, I spend some time recovering some rather gorgeous old tomes and also put a trolley full of books away in the library. I have to remember to make sure the top buttons of my tight little jumper are firmly buttoned for all the bending over in amongst the shelves.

I spend time talking with customers, discussing contrasting characters in popular novels. Is Heathcliff more tortured than Mr Darcy is irresistible?

After three is when the shushing finger gets some action. Little children flock to the library and sometimes the wee darlings get a tad over excited, so I deploy the time honoured librarian’s weapon of index finger to lips just to remind them gently of our expectations.

The day continues, with more bonbon eating, deep discussions and shelving deep in the library.  I fend off a few advances from our more tempestuous customers, sigh… all in a day’s work for a librarian such as myself.

The day is at end, and I say goodbye to my library chums, jump into my car and head off to a local art house cinema to watch a spot of Bergman and later to a intimate coffee house on a date with my new beau.


About jaxjaxster

Who am I? I'm a writer, a singer and a mum. I work in a library and I am a lover of the following; music, anything purple, books, movies chocolate and of course my wonderful and passionate man! People fascinate me and I'm on an ever eventful journey - please join me
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1 Response to A Librarian’s Work is Never Done…

  1. HaHaHa. This is what we thought our days would be like. Now I know what you are really up to in your head when you hand out all those computer log-ins!

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