Cormac Can Do No Wrong


Ok, this is going to be a post about Cormac McCarthy, so if you’re not a fan, best look away now.

I love the way this man writes. I’m halfway through a little slip of a book that I had somehow overlooked and it is just a great example of the power of his prose.

Outer Dark was published back in 1968, it’s almost as old as I am, almost…

The story revolves around the search for a baby, abandoned in the Appalachian woods by it’s father, and wanted by his sister who just happens to be the child’s mother. It has one of the coolest first sentences ever!

They crested out on the bluff in the late afternoon sun with their shadows long on the sawgrass and burnt sedge, moving single file and slowly high above the river and with something of it’s own implacability, pausing and grouping for a moment and going on again strung out in silhouette against the sun and then dropping under the crest of the hill into a fold of blue shadow with light touching them about the head in spurious sanctity until they had gone on for such a time as saw the sun down altogether and they moved in shadow altogether which suited them very well.

It’s a wonderful example of how Mr McCarthy weaves a story full of wonderful words and pictures. Not content with just a few words to explain or express, he uses such gorgeous words and phrases it is truly magical.

The story, set in the late 1800’s as far as I can tell, weaves language of the times into it so you really gain a sense of place and time.

Then the sun buckled and dark fell like a shout

It’s not often I review a book before I’ve finished, but I just needed to do it. It is a great example of my favourite type of book, the ones that make me say out loud.. “Wow” or ‘Awesome’.

I hereby commit to reading all of his books, my favourite so far had to be The Road, but that’s another whole blog full of praise of the awesome…


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